Thursday, February 14, 2013

Coffee Machine Reference Coffee includes a language its own. Listed here are a couple of from the commonly used coffee machine terms. Auto Frother: device that instantly froths milk for cappuccinos and lattes. Automatic Drip Coffee Machine: machine that instantly warms water and filters it with the coffee. Automatic Espresso Maker and Coffee Machine: an espresso maker featuring controlled, prrr-rrrglable coffee dosing. Bean to Cup: fully automated coffee making process. Machines with bean to cup capacity try everything from grinding the beans to filling just one cup with coffee. Boiler: steam machine inside coffee machine. Machines with bigger central heating boilers tend to be more effective and convey more warm water for drinks. Boiler Element: electric element that warms boiler in electric espresso coffeemakers. Cappuccino: Italian espresso based beverage. Cup Warmer: metal portion at surface of espresso coffee machine where cups are put for warming. Dosing: describes either the amount of grams of coffee per cup or the quantity of made coffee per cup. Drip Tray: A part of espresso coffee machine where coffee cup sits for filling. Espresso: Italian black coffee which preceded niche capuccinos. Wealthy black coffee. Filter Basket: Metal filter where grounds are put for brewing. Strained Method: procedure for brewing coffee having a filter, coffee is outside of water. French Press: also known as plunger pot. A round coffee machine by which ground coffee is rich then strained. Coffee grounds are pressed to the foot of the pot using the plunger. Coffee stays in the top pot. Fully Automatic Espresso Maker and Coffee Machine: machines which instantly manage the brewing process from beans to fresh mug of coffee. Grind: procedure for planning coffees for coffee brewing. Group: Part of espresso coffee machine that brews coffee. Group Handle: Part of espresso coffee machine store the filter basket that ground coffee adopts. Warmth Exchanger: warms water for coffee if you don't take water in the boiler. Hopper: part of grinder that holds coffees. French Press coffee machine: Knock-out Box: container accustomed to knock the used coffee grounds from group handle. Latte: Hot beverage created using a quarter coffee, 75 % of steamed, hot milk with little froth. Mocha: expression used to explain hot beverage produced from espresso, chocolate and milk. Moka Pot: Classic Italian espresso-maker used on the top from the stove. Percolator: coffee machine that continuously runs water with the coffee grounds to create coffee. Pod: a self-contained, a cup unit of available coffee. Pour/Pour Speed/Pour Time: how long needed to pour coffee from group into cup. Ought to be 25 to thirty seconds for espresso. Pump: device that moves water with the coffee machine. Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker and Coffee Machine: machine without pre-set dosing capacity. Steam Arm/Wand: metal tube delivering steam to froth milk. Super Automatic Espresso Maker and Coffee Machine: machine which instantly handles brewing process from beans to fresh mug of coffee additionally with other features like a water filtration. Tamping: act of pressing ground coffee into filter basket. Vacuum coffee machine: machine using vacuum tactic to make coffee. Traditional espresso coffee machine: machine that's not really a bean to cup automated model. Water Filtration: filters pollutants from water for better coffee taste. Water Font: nozzle accustomed to dispense water from machine boiler. Water Softener: filters lime and minerals from water, stopping develop of scales within the coffee machine. This is essential for anybody using calcium in the water.

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